The firm provides advisory and litigation services in professional liability and insurance coverage for French and international businesses; our practice more particularly covers complex technical litigation and the implementation of insurance policies required for the business activity, for the project performance or for the compensation of claims and liability actions.

Liability litigation

The firm advises, represents and defends companies within the framework of technical or contractual pre-litigation and lawsuits, concerning performance of complex operations (including cocontracting, joint ventures, subcontracting), product liability and their withdrawal from the market (national and European recall procedures) or crisis management following major incidents (collapses, fires, pollution) requiring knowledge of technical issues and evaluation of economic losses.

Insurance law

The firm provides advisory and litigation services for companies and professionals experiencing insurance issues, either in arranging and analysing insurance policies or programmes, or in cases of damages and professional liability claims. We particularly assist companies and professionals from all sectors in enforcing insurance cover, including within the framework of complex, multi-party litigation (mainly as a result of coinsurance and insurance layers) or litigation involving foreign courts and arbitral tribunals; our practice covers all areas of corporate risk insurance.

Liability insurance

This is one of the firm’s major fields, covering professional liability, operating liability, directors' liability and product liability insurance, for all questions concerning analysis of coverage, handling of legal proceedings, succession of policies in time, coinsurance, insurance layers, international insurance programmes, and serial claims occurring in France and/or abroad.

Property and technical risk insurance

The firm handles all insurance issues concerning damages affecting corporate property, industrial sites or commercial premises (fires, explosions, floods, pollution, etc.), requiring technical analysis and evaluation of consequential losses conducted with the support of experts recognised in these different fields; we are also active in fraud and embezzlement insurance matters, particularly on an international scale.

Construction insurance

As we are specialised in construction law, we handle all areas of compulsory or optional construction insurances, on all matters and policies relating to the construction process and the liability of professionals.

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    Emmanuelle Payrau